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Pain and Skin Therapies & Integrative Health Strategies


Therapies Used for Pain Management Address: sport injuries – acute and degenerative conditions – physical trauma recovery – chronic pain – myofacial pain – Osteoarthritis – Ligaments, Tendons and muscle tears.

Ultrasound is used for assessment of muscular-skeletal condition and guided injections when applicable.


PRP Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet activation plays a key role in the process of wound and soft tissue healing. The use of  platelet rich plasma (PRP) - the patient’s own blood having a platelet concentration above baseline - to promote healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints, can be applied to various musculoskeletal problems.Medicine in vials and syringe ready for vaccine injection Cancer Treatment Pain Treatment and can also be abused for an illegal use

The concentrated platelets found in PRP include growth factors among the huge reservoirs of bioactive proteins that are vital to initiate and accelerate tissue repair and regeneration. These bioactive proteins increase stem cell production to initiate tissue remodeling and healing.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy has been a part of surgical applications since the 1970s. Thanks to the recent technological surge, this non-surgical mode of treatment has also been used in the sports arena where it is being effectively used to mend ligaments and repair tendon injuries. As well, PRP is used in facial rejuvenation therapy.

Neck Pain


Prolotherapy is a nonsurgical method for the repair of damaged connective tissue. Injections involve pre-anesthetizing the area of ligament damage and then selectively injecting the appropriate prolotherapy solution to initiate renewed growth of the damage cartilage and connective tissue.

Prolotherapy involves precise injections of a proliferant solution directly into areas where tendons and ligaments attach to bone, and in places where cartilage is worn or damaged for the purpose of repairing and strengthening tendons, ligaments and cartilage of the joint space. This results in a localized controlled inflammatory response that stimulates the repair mechanism to heal and regenerate the damaged tissue. Connective tissue is what makes up the supporting structures of bones (ligaments), the connection of muscles (tendons) and the sliding surfaces of joints (cartilage). Prolotherapy is also known as “RIT”– Regenerative Injection Technique.

Vaccination equipment. Doctor with syringe and vials.

Prolotherapy is effective for acute or chronic pain, arthritis and unresolved injuries that do not respond to rest or less restorative treatments (surgical, anti-inflammatories or cortisone injections).


Trigger Points Injection Therapy for Myofascial pain

Trigger points are discrete, focal, hyper irritable spots located in a taut band of skeletal muscle. They produce pain locally and in a referred pattern and often accompany chronic musculoskeletal disorders. Acute trauma or repetitive microtrauma may lead to the development of stress on muscle fibers and the formation of trigger points.

Myofascial pain is generated by hyperactive small areas of irritability in muscle, tendon, or its associated fascia that are called myofascial trigger points.

When muscles contract, they shorten. A trigger point is a part of the muscle that got stuck in a contracted state. It is also a place where the autonomic nervous system interacts with the muscle to set its baseline of tension.

Trigger points form in muscle, tendon, and fascia as a response to injury. The injury can be from repetitive strain and micro trauma, crush injury, sudden strain, bone fracture, and other mechanisms.

Trigger points cause continued shortening of a muscle restricting motion, weakness of the muscle, and pain. The pain can be numbness, tingling, burning, aching, cramping, sharp, dull, radiating – there is no sensation we can describe that cannot come from muscle and the strings of fascia that go through it.

  • An example of muscle shortening is when the hamstrings are so short that we can’t touch our toes with our knees straight
  • Examples of muscle weakness can occur anywhere a muscle has been previously injured. The weakened muscle may not be smaller than normal, just weaker.
  • Trigger points also cause referred pain symptoms. This referred pain can be quite severe and distant from the original source. Examples include pain that radiates down the leg from the lower back and buttocks, or goes down the arm and into the hand from the neck and upper back, or goes into the head from the neck, upper shoulders, and jaw.
  • Trigger points also cause headaches. They cause all kinds of headaches, including tension headache and migraine headache.Back Pain

Prolozone Therapy

From the American Academy of Ozonotherapy website:

Prolozone® is a homeopathic/oxygen-ozone injection technique developed and pioneered by Dr. Frank Shallenberger.  It is excellent for all forms of musculo-skeletal and joint pain including chronic neck and back pain, rotator cuff injuries, degenerative and arthritic hips and knees, degenerated discs, and shoulder and elbow pain. Given that, in many cases Prolozone actually corrects the pathology of the disorder, there is a 75% chance for the chronic pain sufferer to becoming permanently pain free.

Prolozone Therapy is an injection technique similar to Prolotherapy that uses ozone. The use of ozone causes the joint to heal much more quickly than in traditional Prolotherapy. This is because ozone is a highly reactive molecule and when injected into a joint capsule it is able to stimulate the fibroblastic joint repairing abilities.

What is Ozone?

What does it do? To briefly summarize, ozone accomplishes these very important tasks in your body:

1/ Ozone is AntiAging (some of those AntiAging effects can be attributed to the following list of actions...)

2/ Ozone Increases Oxygenation of your Cells - it has been proven that cancer and disease grow in poorly oxygenated tissues in your body.

3/ Ozone Modulcates your Immune System - for those with a weakened immune system, Ozone will boost the immune system. For those with Auto-Immune Disorders, Ozone will modulate the immune system to help to stop it from attacking healthy human cells.

4/ Ozone Increases Energy Production in your Cells - your cells need energy to be healthy; low energy levels mean that you and your cells will not be healthy and will age.

5/ Ozone Increases the Activity of your "Anti-Oxidant Enzyme Systems."This means ozone will reduce the oxidation levels of your body.

6/ Ozone Reduces the level of acidity of your body - never mind the Alkaline Water...use Ozone!)

7/ Ozone kills Bacteria, Viruses - and virtually all other disease causing organisms on contact

8/ Ozone Kills Cancer cells on contact


Neural Therapy

Neural therapy is a method of diagnosing and treating illness and pain caused by disturbances of the body's electrophysiology. These electrical disturbances, called "interference fields," are manifestations of cell membrane instability and typically trigger abnormal autonomic nervous system responses. Interference fields may be found in scars, autonomic ganglia, teeth, internal organs or other locations where local tissue irritation exists.

What characterizes interference fields?

Interference fields have lower (or higher) electrical potentials than surrounding tissues.

Currents flow from areas of higher voltage to areas of lower voltage and seem to send confusing signals to the body's nervous system. The body sometimes reacts in inappropriate ways, resulting in altered autonomic nervous system tone, chronic pain and/or dysfunction.

Medical syringe in the doctor's hands


Interference fields can cause referred pain

Interference fields can be found almost anywhere in the body and are often far from the part of the body experiencing symptoms.  For example, an old appendix scar might cause a migraine headache, or a wisdom tooth extraction scar may cause chronic low-back pain. For the most part, these relationships are totally unpredictable and interference fields must be searched for everywhere in the body.

The following are neural therapy procedures:

  • Scar injections
  • Segmental Therapy injections ( i.e. liver, kidneys, thyroid etc.)
  • Skin injections over painful joints (bunion, jaw-joint, etc.)
  • Skin injections over painful areas

Clinical observations: the following conditions appear to respond most dramatically and often lastingly to the combination with homepathics:

  • Post-herpetic neuralgia (Herpes zoster in the chronic stage, not in the acute stage)
  • Acute or chronic joint pain (segmental therapy and all scars)
  • Post 3rd degree burn pain (segmental therapy)
  • Fibromyalgia (injections over the areas of tenderness, all scars, adrenals, thyroid)
  • Depression and chronic fatigue (segmental therapy to scars, skull, thyroid and adrenal area)
  • Facial pain ("TMJ")
  • Premature aging and hormonal imbalances.

Laser Therapy

LT also known as low – level laser or light therapy, is a treatment that utilizes specific types of light to interact with the tissue.

Laser therapy offers patients a safe and effective therapy for a wide range of medical conditions, including soft tissue and sports injuries, arthritic conditions, repetitive stress injuries, wound healing, inflammatory symptoms and an extensive number of additional medical problems.



Acupuncture is one of the main forms of treatment in traditional Chinese medicine.  This process is believed to adjust and alter the body's energy flow into healthier patterns and is used to treat a wide variety of illnesses and health conditions.


The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends acupuncture as an effective treatment for over forty medical problems, including allergies, respiratory conditions, gastrointestinal disorders, gynecological problems, nervous conditions, and disorders of the eyes, nose and throat, and childhood illnesses, among others. Acupuncture has been used in the treatment of alcoholism and substance abuse. It is an effective and low-cost treatment for headaches and chronic pain, associated with problems like back injuries and arthritis. It has also been used to supplement invasive Western treatments like chemotherapy and surgery.